How much does 8GB hold on a blackberry?

Answer same as 8 gb will hold on anything else

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How much does a Blackberry cost?

Several Blackberry models exist. They cost between $49 and $300. The exact cost depends on the model and carrier. Sometimes cell phone carriers offer deals for a cheaper phone cost with an agreemen... Read More »

How much does Wi-Fi cost on a BlackBerry?

It is free to receive Wi-Fi on any capable BlackBerry if you have an unlimited data plan. Without that plan, Wi-Fi providers will charge you a fee, typically around $5 per hour, to use their networ... Read More »

How much media does BlackBerry Messenger use?

BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM, as it sometimes called, does use data to send PIN instant messages. BlackBerry recommends a data plan; however, it generally consumes only a small amount per message. ... Read More »

How much does a blackberry cost to repair?

Bloomin things are tempermental. HAve you taken out the battery and the sim card for a few minutes?