Approximately 10.5 gallons of water is used in a dishwasher Washing the dishes by hand can use up to 20 gallons of water?

Answer Most travel mugs aren't as they have lead and special metal, that will become contaminated and making the cup unusable if put in the dishwasher. However, you can always check with your maufactuer.

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How much does 5 gallons of wet sand weigh?

Five gallons of wet sand weighs approximately 87.1 lbs. A cubic foot of wet sand weighs 130 lbs., while a gallon equals approximately 0.133 cubic feet, therefore 5 gallons equals 0.67 cubic feet, a... Read More »

How many gallons of water a day do honeysuckles use?

When planted they need repeated soakings until signs of new growth, then moderate watering unless the summer is very dry then double or triple the waterings depend on how dry. Please see related li... Read More »

How many gallons of water does it take to run the dishwater?

The vacuum cleaners were less than $22.00 in the 1860. Now they are like $200.00. $22.00 back then was so much more than it was before!

How many gallons of water in your pool 18 x 33 x 4?

18-ft x 33-ft x 4-ft = 2,376 cubic feet = 17,773.7 gallons That's the volume of the pool. We have no way to know how much water there may be in it.