How much does 5 gallons of wet sand weigh?

Answer Five gallons of wet sand weighs approximately 87.1 lbs. A cubic foot of wet sand weighs 130 lbs., while a gallon equals approximately 0.133 cubic feet, therefore 5 gallons equals 0.67 cubic feet, a... Read More »

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How many pounds are in 5 gallons of water?

Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon, so, 40 pounds.

I'm 13 and weigh about 125 pounds. I'm 5'4'' and 1/2. Do I weigh too much?

If you're obsessive like I was, you can go to the body mass index calculator. You have 21.5 which is in the NORMAL range!!! So was i! We ROCK!

How much weight in pounds does one liter of water equal?

One liter of water weighs 2.2 pounds. Water has an expansion factor of 0.00021 for each 1.8 degree Fahrenheit or 1 degree Celsius. This causes the volume to increase a very slight amount as the tem... Read More »

How much does sea water weigh?

Ocean water at the sea surface weighs about 1,027 kilograms per cubic meter and is heavier than fresh water that weighs 1,000 kg/cubic m. The additional weight is largely due to the salt content of... Read More »