How much does 1500000 dollars worth of liability insurance cost?

Answer As with any type of insurance, there is no easy answer for "how much does X coverage cost?" Because insurance companies use such a diverse set of factors to rate policies there is no one way to kno... Read More »

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What can you do if your motorcycle was stolen and you had only liability insurance and owe 10000 dollars?

Answer First of all I dont know who would lend that without requiring full insurance. That said you have only one option keep paying for the bike and smarten up next time. You owe the money, you m... Read More »

What is the average cost for general liability and automobile liability insurance for a mass transit company?

Answer There are too many variables, you will need to contact an agent or agents and get quotes.

What is the price range for liability insurance for corporations seeking 2 million dollars in coverage?

That all depends. What type of corporation? What is your risk exposure? What is your loss history. There is not enough information to answer. Could be 100 dollars or could cost you a million dollars.

If somebody has a 100K dollar net worth how much liability insurance do they need?

Amount of liability insuranceYou should get enough general liability insurance to cover your net worth or your perceived potential liabilities.If you're involved in high-risk activities, you might ... Read More »