How much does 12 sheets of resume paper weigh?

Answer Different manufacturers sell different weights of paper as "resume paper," so the weight of 12 sheets of resume paper varies depending on the manufacturer. Paper is rated by the weight of 1,000 she... Read More »

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How many sheets of paper does a FedEx envelope hold?

A FedEx envelope is designed for a maximum weight limit of 8 oz. This is equal to approximately 30 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. If you are shipping more than 30 sheets of paper, ship your contents i... Read More »

How much does resume writing software cost?

The cost depends on the manufacturer and retailer. For example, as of March 2010, you can buy COSMI Power Resumes for as little as $6.98 at Or you can spend $27.99 for Resume Maker Pr... Read More »

Planter that is cirular and 5 and half feet across and approximately 24 tall How much dirt is in the pot and how much does it weigh?

area pi(r)2(h)=A pi(5.5)2(24)=A the area should be about 2280.796 square feet - that's how much dirt... the weight depends on how much dirt weighs, which i don't know.... Correction Our friend ... Read More »

A4 sheets of paper and a3?