How much do youth counselors make?

Answer A youth counselor can earn between $12 and $21 per hour as of December 2009, according to Pay will vary depending on location, education and experience and whether a counselor works f... Read More »

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How much do college counselors make?

The median wage for a counselor is $51,050 per year. College counselors, however, average approximately $43,980 annually depending on the type of university (public vs. private) and student populat... Read More »

How much do college admissions counselors make?

On average, a college admissions counselor, often referred to as an admission counselor, makes an annual salary of approximately $29,600, as of 2010. The highest that a college admission counselor ... Read More »

How much does a youth counselor make per year?

As of May 2008, a youth counselor, also known as a school counselor, can make an entry-level income of less than $29,630, an average income of $51,050, or an income of more than $82,330 a year, acc... Read More »

How much do mental health counselors earn?

According to, a licensed professional mental health counselor can earn an average of $29,508 to $54,504, as of November 2009. Amounts will vary due to location. Salary will also vary on ... Read More »