How much do you water a weed plant?

Answer It depends upon what kind of weed plant it is; and where you have the plant. Is it inside, or outdoors? If it's inside, is the plant located in a conservatory, greenhouse or hothouse type environme... Read More »

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How often do you water a weed plant?

How much weed will one marijuana plant grow?

Ok, like the different breeds of dogs, there are over 2000, "breeds", or strains of marijuana. Genetically, these are grouped as indica (mountainous regions of the Hindu-Kush area of India) and sa... Read More »

How much should you water a green ivy plant?

Whether growing ivy indoors or outdoors, be sure to keep the soil moist (using peat moss or compost and mulch can help). An indoor ivy plant should be watered two to three times a week, but planted... Read More »

How much water does a pea plant need?

Pea plants only require 1 to 2 inches of water per week. Allow some necessary, partial root drying between waterings. As the plants begin to bloom and pods start budding, increase watering habits ... Read More »