How much do you use Wikipedia?

Answer I read it if there is something in particular I'm interested in... and then I get sidetracked and read random articles that look interesting. :)I edit it if there are clear grammatical mistakes or ... Read More »

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How much wikipedia pays for hosting its huge wikipedia content ?

Just $1 million, $2 tops. The rest of the $16 million goes to paying off cronies and no-bid contracts.Wikipedia is worth any money only as long as gullible people keep donating. If it allowed adver... Read More »

Why so much hate on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a battleground. All the pages saying "Wikipedia is not a battleground" won't change that basic fact of its nature.There is hatred on a battleground. How do you motivate an American sol... Read More »

Why does Wikipedia lie so much?

The problem is not Wikipedia, it's the people who add or edit with erroneous listings. I always try to read current event pages to see if anyone has altered the page in a way that can be viewed as ... Read More »

How much do you trust Wikipedia?

For the most part, I find it pretty reliable. You'd have to have a pretty poor life to deliberately vandalize Wiki pages with incorrect information. Aside from that, if someone spots a wrongful pie... Read More »