How much do you trust doctors in general, on a scale of 1 to 10?

Answer Well, I think I agree with the poster who said to give a 9+ in life threatening situations... You have to trust them- and you should!However, in general I'd give them about a 5-6 on the trust scale... Read More »

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Why do doctors use the bmi scale?

Agreed, but until the make a scale that correlates weight with lean body mass as an additional factor then BMI is the best they outside actual body fat measurements.I should mention that you would ... Read More »

Could you still trust the doctors at the hospital after all the attacks?

Exqueeze me???? Did those fanatics do anything wrong IN the hospitals or at work? They don't want to get caught, you see, they need to fulfill a certain "mission" or whatever it is they did. Are pe... Read More »

Are there any job vacancies for general doctors?

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How Does the General Schedule Step Scale Work?

Most of the salaries of US Government civil service jobs fall under the General Schedule (GS) pay system. The system provides for a series of grade and step increases in pay, which permits an emplo... Read More »