How much do you tip your server?

Answer I am a server....and all of us wish that people knew these things.... 1. we can't control how long your food takes....we don't cook it, only serve it...2. we only make $2.13/hour... 3. Most of us d... Read More »

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How much should you tip your server?

I always tip really well. Im the type of person who always wants to portray himself as a respectable nice person. Even if I have a bad waitress I still tip decently. I have friends who just dont ha... Read More »

How much do you tip a "good" server?

WRONG! 20% is a "good" tip. However, NEVER LEAVE LESS THAN $5 for good service. Less than that is an insult. You are NOT worth the servers time.

How much does a process server make?

The salary range for new process servers starts at $19,653 up to as high as $36,625. A process server with more than a year of experience, but less than 4 years, can expect to make between $22,000 ... Read More »

How much memory does the Youtube server have?

Who knows..... lol Its got hundreds if not thousands of servers each with gigs of storage capacity.