How much do you tip when dining out?

Answer 15-20%, depending on service.

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How much could I get for this dining set?

I am with Doc and I stopped reading after thinking about you showering. Ummm 100 bucks.

How much room is needed for a dining table?

A dining room should allow at least 48 inches clearance on all sides of the table for there to be free movement around the room. A 36-inch round table should go in a room at least 10-feet square. A... Read More »

How much does it cost to refinish a dining table?

The cost of refinishing a dining table is typically between $150 to $1,600, according to The actual cost varies by table size, finish quality, materials used and any labor fees... Read More »

Pet peeve when dining out?

I also hate when my plate is the only one remaining on the table but don't be so quick to judge the waiter. I worked in a restaurant for 11 years and the management team made us do this. I object... Read More »