How can I prevent my t-shirts from picking up a funny odor in my dresser drawer I'm told my dresser is maple?

Answer I would buy some drawer liners. They come in beautiful colors and prints and have a nice feminine scent. This would keep your clothes from laying on the wood. You could also tuck some new dryer she... Read More »

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I'm a hair dresser and I refuse to do black's hair anymore. what can be done about this?

In a bun for over a week. Where are all of these bun wearing black women? Mold and ringworm????? And I see you have issues with the truth. Hair does not develop mold nor ringworm in week. Um, h... Read More »

How to Become a Hair Dresser?

Is your dream to become a world class hair dresser? Well your adventures start here, reading this wikiHow guide. Just follow the simple steps!

Erm...the hair dresser took a little too much off!?

there is no real way of making your hair grow quicker. if your hair is in good condition and you are healthy meaning not on strong medication or have had a serious illness lately then you hair will... Read More »

How Do I Report Hair Dresser Income on Taxes?

When you work as a hairdresser, you will earn income from a salary, and you will usually earn income from tips. It is important you report this income properly, or else you may be audited by the In... Read More »