How much do you pay for health insurance each month?

Answer What anyone else on this forum pays has little to do with you unless you specify your location, age, gender, and current health conditions. $234 is not unusual. It could be high if you are 22 and i... Read More »

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What is the best global health insurance for travelors going on vacation for a month?

Yeah, Definitely you should be able to qualify.Sorry about the autism man... that must be a hard condition to live with.I have ADHD and OCD tendencies, thank god I can speak to other people in an i... Read More »

What can you do to lower you bills if you pay 25K per month as your portion for health insurance through your employer?

Answer 25K a month is a lot of mula to pay for health insurance bub!Can the questioneer clarify the 25K per month premium. How much does he make per year.

If you are the custodial parent and have no health insurance but your new spouse does will your ex-husband's health insurance be primary or secondary?

Answer The birthday rule is often used to determine which plan is primary and which is secondary. Under this rule, the plan of the parent whose birthday occurs first in the calendar year is designa... Read More »

Buy online health insurance policy from apollo munich health insurance india is safe ?

Ya, its totally safe. Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company is previously known as Apollo DKV Health Insurance Company. I recently purchased online policy from them really satisfied as the policy ... Read More »