How much do you pay for health insurance each month?

Answer What anyone else on this forum pays has little to do with you unless you specify your location, age, gender, and current health conditions. $234 is not unusual. It could be high if you are 22 and i... Read More »

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How much does health insurance cost for a husband&wife each year?

The cost of health insurance varies among carriers, and even further depending on the type of policy you choose and how comprehensive your benefits are. The average annual premium for health insura... Read More »

How much is i phone 4 each month?

Yes, if you update it to iOS 5.1.1, there is an untethered jailbreak out.

How much weight is healthy to lose each month?

A healthy amount of weight to lose each month is between four and eight pounds. Losing weight too rapidly can lead to muscle loss rather than fat loss, and weight loss is more likely to be maintain... Read More »

How Much Should I Save Each Month for Retirement?

Texas has a rich history in Indian pottery, and archeologists are continuing to add to the knowledge base developed over the last 60 years. The first handbook on Texas archeology with significant i... Read More »