How much do bussers make an hour working at restaurants ?

Answer I wouldn't take that job.No way. Bussers are paid minimum wage and SOMETIMES a share of the tips.-

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How much does someone working for the Cleveland Metroparks as a cashier make an hour?

you will get a little over minimum wage, working as a cashier.

How much do registered nurses working in long-term care in Minnesota make per hour?

A registered nurse working in a long-term care setting cares for patients who cannot care for themselves and who live in assisted-living facilities. In March 2010, lists an average sala... Read More »

Would you pay £20/hour for an efficient/hard working gardener?

I don't have a garden - but my next house in a few years will have quite a big one with trees and shrubs and a lawn etc. so depending on how hard working he / she was, then I would probably pay aro... Read More »

What does Chick-fil-a pay PER HOUR working as a regular employee/ What should I put on application as wage...?

When I started at Chick-fil-a a few years ago minimum wage was 7.25 and I started out making 7.50. Just put that you are expecting minimum wage. They really don't take into consideration what you p... Read More »