How much do you make an hour if you make 5000 a month?

Answer This question needs more details to be answered correctly. However, lets use a general figure of Full time (40hrs/wk) and Part time (20hrs/wk) If you worked full time making 5000 a month you'd ear... Read More »

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Are there scanners that can scan 5000 pages per hour?

Why not ask one of those businesses that you're writing your paper on? Or look up the info on their websites?

How do you make video on nikon 5000 camera?

Yes! Manual focussing is easy and that is a great lens.

Is a salary of CHF 5000 net/month in Zurich for a family of 3 suitable or would struggle?

If your apartment (which is the single-highest expense people usually have in Switzerland) will be paid for by the company, I guess CHF 5000 a month would be enough to live an okay Swiss middle-cla... Read More »

Approximately what is the cost per month to run a 5000 BTU window air conditioner in a small bedroom?

At full cooling they use about 5 amps, or 600 watts., which if used for a hour would be 0.6 kw/h, At 12 cents US average for electricity if would cost about 7 cents an hour. So about 1.72 a day if... Read More »