How much do you make a year on minimum wage?

Answer Although the federal minimum wage is $6.55 an hour, each state retains the right to define its own minimum wage based on the local economy. But at the federal level of $6.55 an hour, an employee wo... Read More »

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What year did the federal minimum wage go into effect&how much was the minimum wage?

The United States has not always had a minimum-wage law. The federally mandated minimum-wage law began in 1938. It was enacted by the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration. At the time, the federall... Read More »

What year did minimum wage start?

The minimum wage law (also known as the Fair Labor Standards Act) was first put into place nationally in 1938. The minimum wage law states the least amount of money per hour an employer can pay an ... Read More »

What year did minimum wage law start?

The 1894 Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration Act made New Zealand the first country to implement minimum wage law. Victoria, Australia, followed in 1896 and Great Britain in 1909. Though many U... Read More »

In which year did the U.S. minimum wage reach $1?

The U.S. minimum wage first reached $1 in 1956, according to a chart provided by Oregon State University. It remained at $1 through 1960. Some states, such as Washington, California and Massachuset... Read More »