Question about something i can't make into a question?

Answer Oh dear. I am sorry about your dad.You don't need pills. Any pill I could tell you about would only mask your emotions. Your feelings, no matter how bad they are need to be addressed. You'll need c... Read More »

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Not so much of a question more of a warning?

Bless you.. hope you are getting on well, congratulations on being able to walk so soon again!! partner had a horrible motorbike accident also, he has one arm now.. it's hard to adjust, so w... Read More »

Fitness Question: How Much Running?

If you're only interested in the calorie burn, you'll probably need to run around 4 miles to get the equivalent of your 6 mile walk. However, as another person said, you may as well run your whole... Read More »

How much did the 64 million dollar question cost?

I`m not too sure but i think it was £1,000,000 dollars

Please with question about wife and much hair?

Peepoop pay no attention to Aboil my friend B'eer only hooked up with her once when he was trashed.