How much do you have to weigh to ride in the passengers seat in Minnesota?

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How much does a child have to weigh to sit in front passengers seat?

There are state and federal laws mandating a child's seating position and the use of child restraints systems. The current recommendation is a child restraint system (car seat / booster seat) for c... Read More »

Legal age to ride in front seat in minnesota?

Children must be at least eight years old or be at least four feet, nine inches tall in order to just use a seat belt when riding in a car. But it is up to the licensed driver because he/she is res... Read More »

What is legal age for child to ride in front seat in Minnesota?

i think it is 6 years old or over 40 lbs. under that they must be in a car seat n if you have the car seat in the front it must be facing the rear of the vehicle.

How much do children have to weigh to ride in the front seat?

It is not the weight that is seen as a problem, it is how tall they are. Front seat belts are not designed for children under 4 foot 8 inches or 1,422 millimeters tall without a booster seat. In mo... Read More »