How much do you have to earn to file federal income tax?

Answer The following is how much you have to earn to file federal income tax, based on your age and filing status, as of 2010:Single under 65, $9,350; 65 plus, $10,750Married filing jointly under 65, $19,... Read More »

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How much did you have to earn to file federal taxes in 2006?

According to Publication 501, filing minimums varied based on the filing status and the age of the filer. The range for the 2006 tax year can be quite drastic, from $3,300 for someone married filin... Read More »

How much can a person earn before they can file income tax?

A single person under 65 years of age does not need to file a tax return if he makes less than $8,750 per year. If you are married, then you and your spouse can make a combined total of $17,500. Th... Read More »

How long does a person have to file federal income tax returns?

Generally, the deadline for filing a federal income tax return is April 15 the year following the tax year. Prior year tax returns may be filed at any time, however only returns filed within a thre... Read More »

How to File State and Federal Tax Returns in Illinois for Free when You Have No Income?

If you are a full-time student with no income, the following is how you as a student living in Illinois can successfully file your State and Federal tax return for free.