How much do you get paid for joining the marines?

Answer Although there isn't a specific amount paid to you for joining the marines, you will receive payment twice a month. The amount of money you'll get starts at $1,447.20 a month and goes higher, depen... Read More »

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The Advantages of Joining the Marines?

The Marines, the branch of the U.S. armed services devoted to amphibious deployment, plays a vital part in national security and is composed of some of the toughest men in the country. In choosing... Read More »

How do you tell your girlfriend you are joining the Marines?

Just be honest and tell her, better you than some one else.

Procedures for Joining the Marines?

The Marine Corps has a reputation for being the most elite of the four main branches of the armed services in the United States. For those thinking about joining the Marines, there are many paths o... Read More »

How to Talk Your Girlfriend out of Joining the Marines?

In this great country of ours we have the United States marines. The marines are a brave, honorable, fearless bunch of people. What happens when you have a girlfriend who wants to join the marines.... Read More »