Where can I hire a Master Gardener & how much do they get paid for their garden advise.?

Answer MASTER GARDENERS are a group of highly trained and highly motivated people who love to garden and are willing to dedicate their time and energy to help others with the same love.MASTER GARDENERS ar... Read More »

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How much TV programs in UK get paid per episode and how get paid from?

How much do midwife get paid?

in private practices or hostpitals on average 24k-26k per year

How much is a housesitter paid?

The compensation for a housesitter depends on the tasks the owner wishes the sitter to perform, the location of the home and the arrangement upon which the owner and the sitter agree. Some housesit... Read More »

How much do marines get paid?

The salary of a marine varies depends on the rank and years of experience. The 2010 wage information released by the Marine Corps indicates that marines with zero years of experience on the lowest ... Read More »