How much does a babysitter get paid an hour?

Answer On average, babysitters earn between $8 and $12 per hour. Hourly rates as low as $4 and as high as $18 are possible depending on the sitter's age, experience, location and number of children in the... Read More »

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How Much Do Waiters Get Paid an Hour?

Waiters work in the food and beverage service industry. They take orders for food and drink from customers, either at table or from behind a counter, then convey the completed order to the customer... Read More »

What are these paid per hour web surfing sites?

I would recommend it, while back in 2002 they send out checks monthly to it's members. That time it was called alladvantage, now the company has re-group as agloco. Well only trick is you will make... Read More »

Are transcriptionists paid by the hour or by the line?

The method of payment for a transcriptionist can vary. When the transcriptionist is working on-site, she is usually paid by the hour. If she works from a remote location, she is usually paid by the... Read More »

How much does a nurse practitioner get paid per hour?

As of July 2010, the median hourly wage for nurse practitioners is $29.48 to $51.90, depending on experience, according to Payscale. Nurse practitioners who specialized in emergency medicine were a... Read More »