How much do navy get paid a year?

Answer As of August 2007, there were approximately 338,000 military personnel serving in the US Navy. The Department of the Navy also employs several thousand civilians.

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How much do vets get paid a year?

The website Salary states that veterinarians are paid an average of $66,127 per year, as of August 2004. Annual salaries can be as high as $81,128 and pension and retirement accounts can add $21,56... Read More »

How much do therapists get paid a year?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that marriage and family therapists earned on average $46,930 annually in 2008. Mental health counselors earned on average $40,270 a year. Self-employed ther... Read More »

Who much do photographers get paid a year?

Depends on their employement. You make fair wage being employed by a newpaper, magazine or photobureau, but employement is scarse this days. You'll most likely be a freelancer, which means your ski... Read More »

How much douce a cia agent get paid in a year?

When has the CIA ever published their doings on a website? That would amount to admitting they conducted experiments on unsuspecting human subjects of the United States. I suspect the CIA would nev... Read More »