How much do you get back for EIC?

Answer The maximum earned income tax credit that an individual can claim is $4,824 in 2008. The actual amount of the credit is figured by considering factors such as filing status, earned income and numbe... Read More »

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How much should it cost to replace back-to-back tub drains?

Allow an hour for each tub drain but that can change quickly if you get a stubborn thread that won't come undone.. If you encounter this than spray penetrating oil on it and let sit for 5 minutes a... Read More »

I just came back from the dentist: How much hydrocodone is too much?

Enough to maintain a kind of lucid unconsciousness. I have found hydrocodone none too helpful in these cases.Hope you feel better sweetie (sassy)

How much do you get back pre child?

all i want to know is how much should you get back pre child

How to Find How Much Back Taxes You Owe the IRS?

The Internal Revenue Service is pretty thorough when it comes to notifying people of taxes due or delinquencies. A series of letters and notifications will be sent to you, provided you live at the ... Read More »