How much do x-ray technicians make in Florida?

Answer In 2009, the average median pay rate for an x-ray technician in Florida is $14.23 per hour. This can vary depending upon experience with a first year pay rate of $9.57 per hour up to a well experie... Read More »

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Schools for Surgical Technicians in Orlando, Florida?

Surgical technicians are highly trained professionals who assist a medical team during surgery. They prepare the operating room by sterilizing the room and equipment, hanging drapes and assisting s... Read More »

How much do EKG technicians make?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of an EKG (cardiovascular) technician was about $42,000 in 2006. The low earners made around $23,000 and the high earner... Read More »

How much do X-ray technicians normally make in a year?

X-ray technicians, or radiology technicians, made between $35,100 and $74,970 in 2008. The average salary for X-ray technicians that year was $53,230. Experience, company size and location are amon... Read More »

How much do surgical technicians make?

A surgical technician, or surgical technologist, can expect to earn $25,000 up to $51,000, depending on experience and position. The average surgical technician in 2006 earned between $30,300 and $... Read More »