How much do window washers get paid?

Answer A window washer, or building cleaning worker, can expect to earn from $14,000 to more than $33,000, depending on experience and position. The average building cleaning worker in 2006 earned between... Read More »

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How much do skyscraper window washers get paid?

The median salary of window washers is $18,790 per year, according to the State University website. Window washers who work at great heights, such as skyscrapers, receive a higher wage because ther... Read More »

How Do Auto Window Washers Operate?

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Who were the window washers in the movie The Matrix?

Directors Andy and Larry Wachowski of "The Matrix" were scripted to act as window washers in the film, but safety concerns led to their replacement by stunt coordinator Glenn Boswell and stuntman L... Read More »

How Do Auto Window Washers Work?

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