How much do wind turbine technicians make in rate of pay?

Answer According to The PayScale Report, as of March 2010, wind turbine technicians in the United States average $35,608 to $54,045 annually for one to four years of experience. The hourly rate is roughly... Read More »

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How many kws can a wind turbine make?

Wind turbine kilowatt capacity depends on wind speed and blade diameter. Currently, most commercial wind turbines range in capacity from 1 to 5,000 kilowatts. Manufacturers' power ratings may be h... Read More »

How much energy can a wind turbine make in one day?

The amount of energy that a wind turbine produces is directly proportionate to the size of the turbine's rotors and the amount of wind moving through them. Power ratings can range from 250 watts to... Read More »

How to Make a Wind Turbine Model For Kids Out of Recycled Material?

Wind is one of the most basic elements of our environment. Most kids learn about this type of energy and its power through their elementary school science classes. However, teaching kids the value ... Read More »

How many 3000 watt pizza ovens can be preheated to 300 degrees using one 50 foot diameter wind turbine assuming 15 mph wind speed?