How much do web page designers get paid?

Answer Considering the level of education and the experience working as a web designer, the expected income will vary. The lowest a web page designer may bring in could be around $32,000 a year. The avera... Read More »

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How much money do fashion designers get paid?

According to, a fashion designer can earn an average annual salary of $30,168 to $63,871, as of November 2009. Amounts will vary due to location and experience. Salary will also vary on ... Read More »

How much do web page designers make a year?

According to the website PayScale, the average annual salary in 2010 for web designers in the U.S. is between $30,994 and $51,140. Differences in location, education and experience account for the ... Read More »

What is the Salary for Web Page Designers?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salary range for a web designer in 2007 was $47,000 to $71,500 (as reported by Robert Half International). Salaries vary according to location; use ... Read More »

How much do video game designers make?

A video game designer's salary depends on which industry he's in. Those working in software development average $41,290 to $82,669 as of March 2010. Those working for video game machines earn $48,3... Read More »