How much do waiters get paid in the US?

Answer Largely depends upon the state, the restaurant, and the season. In NY (Long Island) I usually made about 100-125 on weeknights/lunches and 220-350 on weekends.

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How Much Do Waiters Get Paid an Hour?

Waiters work in the food and beverage service industry. They take orders for food and drink from customers, either at table or from behind a counter, then convey the completed order to the customer... Read More »

How much does Zizzis restaurant pay waiters under 18?

I don't think they will employ you as a waiter if you're under 18, as you can't sell alcohol. They may emply you as a commis (running food from the kitchen to the tables). The wage would likely be ... Read More »

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The Duties of Banquet Waiters?

Banquet waiters work in the food-service industry providing guests with an enjoyable experience during catered affairs. The waiter has direct contact with guests at a banquet or function and acts a... Read More »