How much do veterinarians make?

Answer According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the low end of the payscale for veterinarians is around $46,000 per year. Depending on the years of education and experience, though, a veterinarian can... Read More »

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How Much Do Veterinarians Make a Year Usually?

According to the PayScale report, start with a salary of $50,000 to $68,193 per year as of April 2010. At one to four years of experience, they make $55,388 to $74,668, and at five to nine years, t... Read More »

How much do veterinarians make yearly?

Veterinarians with one to four years of experience earn $55,362 to $74,602 annually, according to, as of April 2010. Vets with five to nine years' experience average $58,871 to $83,503... Read More »

How much do veterinarians make an hour?

The mean wage for veterinarians is $43.32 per hour in May 2009, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational and Employment and Wages report. The lowest paid 10 percent of veterina... Read More »

How much do veterinarians make in Europe?

The salaries of veterinarians in Europe vary depending on their experience and the size and type of practice they work for. On average, the staring salary of a vet in a European Union country will ... Read More »