How much do vending machines cost?

Answer Soda vending machines cost about $3,000 each, while snack vending machines are about $2,500. This price is for the machine only. You would have to stock the vending machine yourself with product, w... Read More »

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How much money do vending machines make?

Vending machine profits will vary by type, location, and how many the distributor owns and/or operates. Bulk candy machines have an average of $30 to $300 per month. In 2001, it was reported that t... Read More »

How much can a person make on vending machines?

A typical vending machine averages $5,200 to $7,800 in sales annually. After leasing and maintenance fees, vending operators generally profit $1,300 to $1,950, or 25 percent of annual sales.Source:... Read More »

How much does a vending truck cost?

Vending trucks vary in price depending on the amount of work space and the level of equipment sophistication desired. As of May 2010, small trucks with basic equipment run about $20,000 while large... Read More »

How much do vending machine occupancy sensors cost?

Vending machines that contain occupancy sensors cost approximately $300 a year to maintain and operate. This cost varies depending on the amount of energy used by the machine. The sensors themselve... Read More »