How much do truck drivers earn?

Answer How much a truck driver makes depends on how many miles he drives and whether he drives local routes or goes cross-country. The American Trucking Association has reported the average trucker salar... Read More »

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How much do FedEx drivers earn?

The salary of a FedEx driver depends upon qualifications and seniority. According to Braun Consulting News, the pay scale varies between $40,000 and $70,000 a year. FedEx drivers are paid a set sal... Read More »

How much do limo drivers earn?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2008, limo drivers made an hourly mean wage of $12.41 and an annual mean wage of $25,820. Connecticut offered the highest pay at $14.72 per ho... Read More »

How much do pizza delivery drivers earn?

According to The PayScale Report and as of April 2010, pizza delivery drivers start out with an hourly salary of $6.31 to $7.98. Those with one to four years of experience make $6.18 to $7.63 whil... Read More »

How much do charter bus drivers earn in South Carolina?

According to, the average charter bus driver in South Carolina earns $41,000 annually, as of April 2010. This is estimated to be about 14 percent lower than the national average annual i... Read More »