Tragus piercings should I get it done?

Answer It doesn't hurt and I'm petrified of needles. Tha most painful part for me was the clamp to keep my tragus in position and even that was bearable. The piercing itself is over in seconds and is just... Read More »

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Do you like tragus piercings (EASY 10 POINTS)?

yeah I always think they look pretty with rings I had mine done but my crappy school made me remove it before it had heeled so :(but I want it redone :)x

Does the tragus piercing hurt more then the vertical surface tragus piercing?

Probably varies from person to person but I can image the tragus would hurt worse since it's through cartilage and the surface one is just through skin. I've never really found surface piercings to... Read More »

Is four lobe piercing, one cartilage, and a tragus too much on one ear?

Never too many! That's the good things with ear piercings though, when they are fully healed you can miss and match which you put in and can leave some out temporarily if you want/need to. If you... Read More »

On a scale of 1-10: How much does a tragus and an industrial piercing hurt?

I've never had my tragus done, but I had an industrial done so I'll tell you about my experience w/ that...Everyone's different with their pain tolerance, but for me, getting it pierced AND the hea... Read More »