How much do tow truck companies charge?

Answer The charge for a tow can vary from company to company and whether the tow is because of an accident, called a "nonconsent" tow, or because the owner asked for it. However, according to the American... Read More »

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Does the FCC regulate what cable companies charge?

The FCC shares authority to regulate cable TV company charges with the local government organization that oversees cable service in your town. For basic cable, the cable company sets the rates when... Read More »

How much do temp services charge companies?

Temp services charge up to 50 percent of the hourly rate per employed person. The company will offer a per hour fee, the staffing agency takes their fee, the employee gets the rest. Some staffing a... Read More »

Can insurance companies charge a 'policy fee'?

Insurance Policy fees Yes, most insurance contracts have a state approved associated policy fee and in the USA several other government mandated fees and taxes imposed by law that the insuring comp... Read More »

How to Locate Truck Companies?

According to Truck Info there are "estimates of over 500,000 trucking companies in the U.S." All trucking companies must have a motor carrier number to be able to transport freight throughout the U... Read More »