How much do toiletries cost for a baby?

Answer well first you have to buy toilet tree seeds...then water it!

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How much does baby food cost for a 3 month old baby?

Powders are least expensive. Powdered formula from the grocery store can cost about $50 a month, brand name powder can cost $100-$150 a month (for about 130oz of powder per month).

How much do baby vaccinations cost for the baby first year?

This is the biggest ripoff I have seen in all the bills I got for the birth of my daughter. We are paying over $816.00 a visit to the Ped. Actually, my health insurance provider is paying $816.00, ... Read More »

How much do baby food cost for a baby 1-3 months?

How to Travel With Toiletries?

Ever since the attempted bombing at Heathrow Airport in 2006, restrictions have been placed on traveling with toiletries. All air travelers must follow the 3-1-1 rule enacted by the Transportation ... Read More »