What jobs did women do in the factories and what did they do about their children while they worked and how much did they get paid?

Answer KIDS GOT PAID 1s. and 5d. a week

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Your insurance company paid all of your claims for a surgery you have had and now they are reviewing a diferrent claim for pre-existing condition can they go back on the claims they paid and take the?

AnswerThe answer may depend upon the diagnosis codes used. From your question, it sounds like the procedures had different codes and therefore, the claims should have been coded differently to refl... Read More »

How much do people usually get paid for videos they post on YouTube?

I agree, its usually about $1/1000-5000 views. Its so hard and such a complicated Process to become a partner with Youtube. If you are making quality videos, definitely post them on Youtube and TRY... Read More »

Where can I hire a Master Gardener & how much do they get paid for their garden advise.?

MASTER GARDENERS are a group of highly trained and highly motivated people who love to garden and are willing to dedicate their time and energy to help others with the same love.MASTER GARDENERS ar... Read More »

How many years do people have to go to school for it security how much do they get paid please help?

depends on what type of education you wanti kow that there are certifications that you can get without taking semester classesyou just have to test made by comptia