How much do they charge at Goofy's Kitchen?

Answer very much

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How much do they charge to install paving stones?

The cost to install paving stones depends on the material being used and the size of the area being paved. In general, labor cost is around $5 per square foot, and material cost depends on whether ... Read More »

How often do you need to replace vinyl pool liner and how much do they charge to do that?

Replace it if it leaks or if it fades & looks bad. Almost every pool installer also does pool repair. They will come measure your pool and order a custom made liner(if needed) to replace it. We ha... Read More »

Can you change phones on sprint without canceling your 2 year contract If so how much will they charge you?

Most carriers will allow you to change phones if you pay the balance of your existing phone immediately and also the cost of the new phone on your existing contract.When you signed your original co... Read More »

When will verzion actually charge you for the iphone I just pre-ordered ii do they charge me on the 10th when it goes on sell how does it work?