How much do the tooth ffairy leave these days?

Answer ive been told the going rate is 50p to 1.00 per tooth depending how well off the fairy is lolmy son had 20 teeth removed in hospital i got stung big time lol

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Why are guys these days into asians so much!?

Is there a reason for them not to like asians?

Why is there so much hatred on here these past few days?

I think its because they have found out about our wild love affair we are having and there all very jealous....Remember if you want me Im your man....... JK x

How much does polk rm6800 5.1 home theater go for these days ?

They are discontinued everywhere so its a hard answer as used sale is not an exact science for prices.Those were entry level surround in 05 I remember them going for 250 new,maybe a sale i dont rem... Read More »

Exactly how much foreskin are they leaving behind these days?

I don't think they leave any-There's just some loose skin that baby will "grow" into that needs to be pulled back for cleaning in the first couple of years. It's the skin that naturally grows UNDER... Read More »