How much do the tooth ffairy leave these days?

Answer ive been told the going rate is 50p to 1.00 per tooth depending how well off the fairy is lolmy son had 20 teeth removed in hospital i got stung big time lol

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Can I smoke weed 2 days after a tooth extraction?

Dude as a stoner my self i would say hell yes cuz i just had a friend go through surgery on his throat and the doc said you can lol so it would just ease ur pain so smoke on or keep calm and hit a... Read More »

I've got a whopping sore tooth ........ my Dentist can't fit me in for 7 days?

beleive it or not bonjela tht stuff you put on babys gums works a treat hate toothache mate feel better

Why would a child have tooth or bone growths on his gums that fall off and leave a bad taste?

Answer Has he had any x-rays done? The only thing I can think of is an abcess, which is a pus-filled growth on the gums indicating an infection. When these pop, they leave a bad taste because the... Read More »