How much do the girls on dance moms get paid?

Answer $100,000 per episode.

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Where do the girls on dance moms buy their dance-wear?

Oxyjen, Angel Face, Tawney G, Bodkini, Jo and Jax, Kurve, Divina...The frilly cutesy stuff is mostly Tawney G. and Angel Face.The colourful trendy stuff is mostly Oxyjen and Jo and Jax.

How much do MTV teen moms get paid?

I am not sure about this...but I heard that they have accounts set up for the children not the mom's. The show is about portraying the life and struggles for teen mom's and most of the mom's have f... Read More »

How much do the MTV teen moms get paid?

Best estimates state anywhere from 2,000 an episode to 10,000 an episode. After searching online it doesn't appear that MTV is willing to give that information away without some fight. Also, estima... Read More »

How much the girls from the bad girls club get paid?

I heard that they get a weekly stipend of about $400, so basically for the whole show they get about $3200.