How much do temp services charge companies?

Answer Temp services charge up to 50 percent of the hourly rate per employed person. The company will offer a per hour fee, the staffing agency takes their fee, the employee gets the rest. Some staffing a... Read More »

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What percentage does Discover charge companies to use their credit card services?

As of April 2010, the Discover company usually charges businesses that accept its credit card for payment $1.64 per $100 transaction. A $500 transaction can cost a merchant $8.04.Source:The North C... Read More »

How much does a temp agency charge for a conversion?

When an employer chooses to permanently hire a temporary employee, the temporary agency charges a conversion fee. Typically, this fee is two to three percent of the temporary employee's projected a... Read More »

Where can you find companies need trucking services?

Now, all you have to do is see what the VA guidelines are for those years: 30 days active duty for other than training? 15 days active duty for other than training? Etc. You'll need copies of your ... Read More »

What services do vacation rental companies provide?

they procure tenants for properties, keep properties clean and maintained.