How much do teacher's aides make?

Answer A teacher's aide, also known as a teacher's assistant, can earn from $18,000 to more than $25,000 a year; more than 90 percent of teacher's aides make the latter. Compensation is determined by leve... Read More »

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What Things Do I Need to Know to Take College Classes for Teachers' Aides?

With the rising number of students per classroom, teacher's aides are essential. They assist teachers as required, helping children study, teaching lessons, grading papers and more. Not all schools... Read More »

How much do home health aides make?

The average pay for home health aides in 2008 and 2009 was about $8 to $14 an hour, which is $15,360 to $26,880 a year on a 40-hour work week. Ultimately, the pay depends on work experience, job du... Read More »

How Much Money Do Certified Home Health Aides Make in New York?

Certified home health aides help patients with their basic needs either in their own homes or in a residential facility setting. Not only do they perform nursing assistant tasks, such as bathing, f... Read More »

Job Description for Instructional Aides?

When work is delegated to an instructional aide, the teacher can spend more time teaching and creating effective lesson plans. An instructional aide performs various duties, including both instruct... Read More »