How much do surgical physician assistants make?

Answer In the United States, surgical physician assistant salaries range between $73,661 and $86,119, with the median salary being $79,652. This figure does not include additional benefits, which raise t... Read More »

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What do physician assistants do?

Though many people believe the role of a physician's assistant is identical to that of a medical assistant, the jobs are actually distinct. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the dem... Read More »

How are nurse practitioners&physician assistants different?

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are health-care professionals who are licensed to provide health care under the supervision of a physician. The supervision may be direct, such as havin... Read More »

What do physician assistants wear to work?

A varied group of people work in the health care field, doing different jobs. They wear different outfits depending on their job and whether or not they see and treat patients. A physician assistan... Read More »

How much do anesthesiologist assistants make?

As of 2006, the average annual starting salary for anesthesiologist assistants was $95,000 to $120,000, according to the American Medical Association. The high end of the pay scale for professional... Read More »