How much do sports agents get paid?

Answer The salary of a sports agent is usually dependent on the salary of a client. According to, agents sometimes charge an hourly fee. The salary is affected by the location of the... Read More »

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Colleges That Specialize in Sports Agents?

While many sports agents have traditional marketing or law degrees, some colleges and universities offer specialized sports marketing programs for aspiring agents. These programs provide coursework... Read More »

How much do cia agents get paid?

i dont know. they are sworn to to secrecy

How much do CIA agents get paid a month?

The Bay of Pigs, (April 17-19, 1961), was an American operation intending to overthrow Castro and it planned to have the previous Prime Minister, Jose Miro Cardona, reinstalled. The CIA recruited ... Read More »

How do health insurance agents get paid?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of insurance sales professionals will increase by 12 percent by 2018. Health insurance agents earn their money in a variety of ways, dependin... Read More »