How much do spacers hurt?

Answer For me, the first day or so really hurt. Badly.So 8 at first, then after you get used to it and your teeth move, I would say 4.

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Do braces and spacers hurt?

spacers hurt because its creating the gap at the back of your teeth for braces. But it will only last for like the first 2 days. You cant eat any food that requires chewing. I ended up having soup ... Read More »

NEED HELP!!!! do spacers hurt?

Not too bad. Your teeth are a little tender. Nothing that would even come close to bringing tears. Ibuprofen would take care of the soreness. They feel weird as I recall, foreign. But it's been 15 ... Read More »

Your spacers hurt what can you do?

You can take Tylenol to help ease the pain, but don't worry, it should go after about three days! I don't know about others, but I know that Tylenol helped me and honey did too! I don't know if it ... Read More »

Do spacers hurt more than braces?

On One Hand: Spacers Are More PainfulPatients who have had both spacers and braces report that they experienced more pain from spacers than they did from wearing braces. This is especially true for... Read More »