How much do skype cameras cost?

Answer It costs approximately $20.00.

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How to Use DV Cameras for Skype?

Digital video cameras, also known as DV cameras, are video cameras that allow you to upload your footage to your computer. Often times these cameras can double as Web cameras, so you can stream liv... Read More »

How much would it be to HIRE 3 proffessional tv cameras. I'm looking into making in a small musical but the quality of all avalible cameras is really bad so is it possible to borrow a tv camera. Cost?

Most DSLR's include a "Sports" shutter speed function. That's what i use so my images arern't blurry. Hope this helps!

How much do Web-Cams cost usually on average and how much does Skype cost, charge i'm not that familiar with?

Webcams are typically around $30, and Skype is a free service.

How much does skype cost?

Skype is free to use for Skype-to-Skype and video calls. Skype has two plans for calls to phones and mobiles. In 2009, the rate for their "pay-as you go is a flat 3 cents per minute or you can subs... Read More »