How much did the first pair of Levi jeans cost?

Answer According to The Great Idea Finder, the first pair of blue jeans, which were called overalls at the time, cost $1.25 in 1885. Levi Straus & Company obtained a patent for riveted clothing in 1873 an... Read More »

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How much does a good pair of designer jeans ( female ) cost in India ?

Dear It will depends on the brands you are going for.Even it will start from 300 or less Indian Rupees to a high rates or 3000 Rs (purely depends on the brand names.Lee, Levis, Lee Cooper, Arrow, W... Read More »

I hate panty lines in my jeans... Is it ok to wear jeans with no underwear?

umm well the problem with not wearing underwear is that you can get irrated or get a rub rash from the jeans itself. but if you aren't going for a long period of time wearing them without underwear... Read More »

How to make flare jeans into skinny jeans without a sewing machine.?

You could use Velcro to make them "convertible".

The inner thighs of my jeans wear away. Any recommendations for longer lasting jeans?

h&m may have good ones. mine used to wear away but they don't anymore, i think its because i lost a bit of weight, but other than that, go to shops like debenhams etc, they're reputable, and some m... Read More »