How much do servers in Manhattan make per night in tips?

Answer I worked in the city and on a bad night made $150. I usually made between $300-500 a night. Anyone who says $50 a night wasn't working a fine dinning restaurant. Get ready to hear "South Cack-a-... Read More »

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Where to eat in Manhattan on a Saturday night?

I live in the UK and have only been to New York / Manhattan once, we ate in some really expensive places but to be honest to me as a tourist the city buzzed it really was the city that never slept ... Read More »

Hip Hop & R&B Night Clubs in Manhattan?

New York City is the home of many famous rappers and R&B artists, and a number of them got their professional feet wet working in the clubs and lounges of the city. Manhattan is a great place to ch... Read More »

Where do I find a card that shows what to tip servers I do believe in giving fair tips.?

in the US, you should leave an average of 15%. leave less if the service and food are bad, leave more if they are good. you left 25%, that is too much unless the service was very outstanding..

National Labor Board Laws About Employer Taking Tips From Servers?

The Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA, governs federal laws for tipped employees including hourly wages and tip credits. These regulations also provide protections for tipped employees by clearly s... Read More »