How much do seamstresses make?

Answer Seamstresses are usually paid by the hour. Their pay can increase according to how many years of experience they have. In 2009, seamstresses with 1 to 4 years of experience can make between $8.02 a... Read More »

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The Average Salary of Seamstresses?

Seamstresses, more often called tailors or dressmakers, create, alter and repair garments in neighborhood shops, dry cleaners or department stores. Most learn their skills on the job, working with ... Read More »

How to make simple infrared transmitter and receiver i want to make ir remote which make on or off a led ?

Hm... Don't think you can do that with remote like this!Good luck!

What exercises to make lose stomach flab and make butt smaller?

crunches, leg lifts for the abs, and squats for the butt. Use light weight, and lots of reps. Eat foods high in protien, and watch the carbs.

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With tequila one shot can make the difference.If you feel ok with 2 shots,leave it at that.You can maybe have one more after 1 or 2 hours.You are not that age when you have to proove something by d... Read More »