How much do root canals cost?

Answer The average price for root canal treatment is $400 to $700 for a front tooth and $600 to $900 for a back tooth. The actual price will vary between dentists based on their geographical region and th... Read More »

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Why do we need root canals?

When a tooth develops a deep cavity or becomes cracked, the soft core of the tooth or pulp can develop an infection that can lead to tooth loss. An abscess in the mouth can also damage the tooth an... Read More »

When are root canals necessary?

On One Hand: Tooth DecayMost commonly, root canals are needed when tooth decay has progressed so far that the pulp in the roots of the tooth has become infected by bacteria. If a root canal is not ... Read More »

Are root canals painful?

On One Hand: Not Painful If Done ProperlyWithout numbing the area, a root canal treatment would be very painful. However, when you go to the dentist or the endodontist, you will get a local anesthe... Read More »

Is it possible to do 8 root canals in 5 hours?

Answer It is a bit unusual, but not impossible if the operator (dentist or endodontist) works very quickly and/or we're talking about front teeth and not your back molars. If all teeth are next to ... Read More »