How much do professional photographs sell for?

Answer Fine Art: The answer depends on who took the photograph, how collectible that photographer's work is, the quality or appeal of the image, where the image is purchased, the size of the reproduction,... Read More »

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How do you take professional photographs?

One way is to go to a university four years of your life like me getting a Bachelors Degree in photography and learn how to take photos correctly. But then again some of the worlds highest paid pho... Read More »

How to Take Professional Photographs for Print Publications?

Canon DSLR Camera 450DDigital cameras are one of the most innovative and useful machines ever invented by man, behind the printing press and the electric razor. With many of the digital cameras ava... Read More »

How to Sell Wildlife Photographs?

If you are an avid photographer and you feel your talents can help you earn some extra cash, there are simple ways to sell your wildlife photography. This area of photography is a specialty that no... Read More »

How to Sell Photographs to the Media?

As a photographer, you will have many opportunities to capture a print-worthy image. It could be an interesting wildlife photograph that captures unusual animal behavior, or it could be a snap of y... Read More »